how many days paneer can be stored in fridge

When we go to any dhaba, we are given a menu card and there are many different dishes in it but everyone’s favourite and special made in many varieties like Paneer, Shahi Paneer, Matar Paneer, Kadhai Paneer, Lachha Paneer etc. Have you ever wondered how it is made and what are the methods by which we can make it at our home? So today we will try to know how cheese is made and how it is preserved and how many days paneer can be stored in the fridge.

how many days paneer can be stored in fridge

how much protein is in 100 gm paneer

The health benefits of paneer are known to be a complete supply of protein, vitamin B complex and reduced risk of breast cancer. Cottage cheese is a good source of various minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium.

The B-complex vitamins found in paneer are helpful in various metabolic activities in our body. 100 grams of paneer provides 98 kcal of energy, 3.38 grams of carbohydrates, 4.6 grams of fat, 2.6 grams of sugar, and 11.12 grams of protein. Apart from this, other vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin, niacin etc. are also found in it. Along with this, calcium, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and iron etc. are also found in abundance in it.

How to make paneer at home?

  1. To make paneer, we will first need milk. Heat the milk till it boils well, when it starts boiling, reduce the flame of the gas. Now add lemon juice to it and mix it well. Now increase the flame again for a few seconds.
  2. By doing this our milk will curdle. Now the greenish water would have separated from it. Leave it like this for some time.
  3. Now take another utensil and put a sieve over it. Put a muslin cloth over the sieve.
  4. Start pouring curdled milk on the cloth, try not to let it spill out. By doing this the water will separate and the paneer will separate. Now with the help of a big spoon, squeeze out all the water from it.
  5. There is still some water left in the paneer. To remove all the water from it, tie it tightly with a cloth and put some heavy objects on it. heavyweight will drain all the water
  6. Leave it for about half an hour.

how long do we keep paneer fresh?

It depends on the weather. If it is winter, you can keep it outside for three to four hours or a maximum of five hours, but keep it immersed in water.

There are chances of spoiling quickly in the summer season, so you can keep it for two to three hours by immersing it in very cold water. Cover it with a fine cloth from above.

If you have to keep it for a long time, then frying it lightly will not spoil it quickly.

Ways to store paneer

How to store for 2 days

If you want to store paneer for 1-2 days, then take a vessel or box for it. Now add paneer to it. You have to fill the container with enough water so that the paneer is completely immersed in water. After this keep the paneer inside the fridge. This way your paneer will stay fresh for about 2-4 days.

How to store for a week

If you want to keep the paneer fresh for the whole week, take water in a bowl and add a teaspoon of salt to it. Now put paneer in it. Note that there should be enough water in the bowl to completely submerge the cheese. Now cover it and keep it in the fridge. Change the water in the bowl every 2 days. In this way, you can store paneer for 7 to 10 days.

How to store for one month

If you want to store the paneer for a month, then cut the paneer into pieces. Now keep these pieces in a team and place them inside the free head. When the paneer pieces become hard like ice, take them out and put them in a bag and keep them in the fridge. Whenever you want to use paneer, take it out of the fridge and keep it outside. After this, put the paneer in lukewarm water, this will make the paneer very soft. By doing this you can store paneer for a whole month.

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